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Software & Web Development Company

Starting off as a Multimedia Development outfit in 1997 as Softlink, we were amongst the very first to explore the technology. With several smaller projects to keep the machine oiled, we focused on an in–house product in the sector of Indian Tourism. The CD–ROM + Software covered popular and lesser known Indian destinations and could help plan a trip – starting from choosing a destination to booking tickets and accommodation and charting out the itinerary of the holiday! Sensing the pulse of changing Indian mindsets and lifestyles, we launched the development of another in-house product – an online portal called The Future Of Design – www.tfod.in! The Future Of Design (TFOD) is a virtual platform for the art, architecture and design fraternity to connect and reach out to the world beyond! This vision of a GLOBAL DESIGN COMMUNITY stems from the apparently evolved design awareness and new–age needs⁄demands; as well as easy access to technology and materials! Our Core Team comes with tremendous experience and the diversity of their individual passions and skills gives us an edge. Understanding the role of internal and external stake–holders in any project remains our greatest strength; allowing us to customize solutions that satisfy and surpass client expectations. To ensure timely delivery and effective project management, we have tie–ups with various freelancers to provide their expertise for specific client needs; to augment the in–house team of Technologists, Designers, Writers, Editors, Marketing & Media Managers, SMO⁄SEO Executives and Software Programmers. This structure enables the company to stay lean and yet have a diaspora of assorted skills at its command. AD IDEAS – a Content Development, Marketing & Publishing agency helps our clients work out an AMP (Assisted Media Plan)∗ and a CMP (Content Management Program)∗ – with path–breaking ideas, innovative marketing strategies and out–of–the–box services!

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Web Design⁄ Development
Digital Marketing

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It’s all about understanding the client’s business, vision and growth plans! We deliver a ‘solution’ – a customer-driven and dynamic solution. The past is behind us. Our new work ethic entails a new approach. We now work to build and shape a better, smarter future. We look at a company as a living, growing, vibrant entity – which has an identity and a philosophy. And all of this must reflect in their website!.
Oh.. and all this makes no sense – if your company name or scope of work does not get ‘suggested’ on a web search! Google listing is what all businesses crave for – and that’s what we focus on getting for our clients. The process is a long one, requiring consistent effort and persistent updates – and a nervous wait! But if you have set goals and wish to grow exponentially, we recommend SEO as a surefire way to go. The AMP offers inclusive and exclusive options for our clients to choose!
The world is increasingly becoming virtually connected. We now even communicate with our neighbours on social media! The business perspective has evolved that much more – with traditional practices reinvented and marketing strategies reworked – to suit the times! We are there at the forefront of this development; catching the trends and projecting future trends to assist our clients in working out an AMP (Assisted Media Plan) through the expertise we have honed in Ad Ideas.
It’s an exciting era of marketing – with social media spreading the reach of the smallest business to global levels! Opportunities are flowing; skills and resources are abundant – we just have to tap them right! Though it all seems as simple as sharing posts – it involves a lot of analysis and planning. We have the necessary experience that enables us to devise full–throttled campaigns that judiciously mix varied tools of digital marketing – based on the product⁄brand, its positioning and the target audience.

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