Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technical process, involving many variables and changing formulae – that determines a website’s ranking in a search engine’s results. The web–world is full of websites tripping on each other’s toes to get a higher ranking – which means appearing earlier, and more frequently in the search results list. This is because higher–ranked sites get more traffic – more hits and visitors – from the search engine’s users. SEO helps a business target different kinds of searches such as image search or industry–specific vertical search – through a careful and constant monitoring of the data.

Crawling, Spiders, Browser Searches, Indexing, Meta–tags, Keywords, Backlinks, Inbound Links, Directory Submissions, Reciprocal Links, Unique Content, Title tags, Meta descriptions, Site Ranking, Canonical Link Elements, URL Normalization, White⁄Black⁄Grey Hat methods, Algorithms.....PHEW!!!

Let’s cut the jargon. SEO, quite simply, means it’s not enough to just have a website. It is important that an internet user ‘searching’ for products or services related to the ones your business is offering – must ‘see’ your website in the list of similar sites that the search engine puts up on his screen!

That is where we can step in. First and foremost, we insist on having unique textual content – for all the sites we design! During the development itself, we follow a certain procedure to facilitate the SEO process, and offer a monthly SEO support after the website goes live! This involves a lot of research and analysis and continuous efforts to keep abreast with the search engines’ changing algorithms!